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Clean Neighborhood

Legacy Projects


Teas Crossing 

Built 26 one acre semi-custom homes 


Bay Pointe Landing



Leisure Grove 

Platted, Developed and built 12 luxury townhomes.  Facilitated the annexing into MUD #4

Summerwood Trails - Copy.jpg

Summerwood Trails

Assisted MHW with the development of 77 lots in Section One.  Was in charge or getting annexed into the MUD district, overseeing the civil engineering and platting process


Tomball Heights

Assisted MHW with the development of 42 lots.  Was involved with the removal of a pipeline easements and the establishment of PID in the City of Tomball


Lake Shore Cove

Lake Shore Cove 

Assisted MHW with the development and design of 12 zero lot line waterfront lots. Facilitated the design of the homes. Oversaw annexing into UD #4 in Montgomery County

Renderings w Lewis2.jpg

W Lewis

Assisted MHW with plating of 6 townhomes in a revitalization effort in Downtown Conroe.  Oversaw the architectural and interior design and building process


ICC Phase 2

Built four 6000sq ft light industrial building, over saw utilities and site work


Blue Ash

Built 3 light industrial 7000sq ft buildings, over saw utilities and site work

coming soon.jpg


12000 sq ft medical building

Robinson Road

Assisted with the design of a 28,000 Sq Ft Flex Space Retail/ Light Industrial building. Oversaw the engineering and platting


Grand Harbor

Built over 50 custom homes

coming soon.jpg
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